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A football history of Israel-Palestine w/ Nicholas Blincoe

A football history of Israel-Palestine w/ Nicholas Blincoe

Author Nicholas Blincoe joins the Sports Politika podcast to discuss his book More Noble than War: A football history of Israel-Palestine.

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Line-ups of the national football teams of Mandatory Palestine and Lebanon, prior to the friendly game in 1940 (Credit: Wikicommons)

Over the past few months, I’ve been reading a lot of literature to do with Israel-Palestine. One of the books that I found most fascinating was a book by Nicholas Blincoe called “More Noble Than War: A Football History of Israel-Palestine.” It was an exceptional read that managed to delve into one of the most complex political subjects through a football lens, which in turn helped bring out its humanity.

Here is the synopsis of the book:

Soccer has never been apolitical. This is especially true for Israel and Palestine. The game played a direct role in shaping the politics of both countries, and the view from the stands or the pitch shines a light on key moments in the region’s volatile history.

In More Noble Than War, Nicholas Blincoe weaves a dramatic narrative filled with driven players and coaches who are inspired as much by nationalism as a love of the game. Blincoe traces the history from the sport’s introduction through church leagues, he rising tensions after the creation of Israel, and the decades of violence, war, and hunger strikes that have decimated teams

I honestly cannot recommend the book enough, which is why I wanted to bring Nicholas onto the show to discuss his process and why he took on such an endeavour. This episode does not disappoint.

*You can buy a copy of More Noble Than War: A Football History of Israel-Palestine here.

Happy listening.

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